Gas Fireplaces

Types of Gas Fireplaces

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Simply put, Direct Vent gas fireplaces are vented to the outside.  You can vent them vertically up through the roof, or horizontally to exterior of the house.  A sealed combustion system protects indoor air quality by drawing outside air for the fire and expelling 100 percent of combustion exhaust and byproducts outside the home.  This is always our preferred choice to recommend to consumers.  Direct Vent fireplaces remain a popular choice because of its efficiency, safety, flexibility and the fact that it does not require an existing chimney

Vent Free Fireplaces

Vent free fireplaces do  not require any type of chimney to vent the unit outside.  A vent-free fireplace is an open system that takes in room air for combustion. Instead of routing the resulting gasses to the outdoors, though, a vent-free appliance operates at a high enough temperature to essentially burn up any combustion byproducts before they can go back into the air, eliminating the need for venting altogether.  There are limitations of a vent free fireplace.  They are not permitted for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, or other small areas. 

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces


Ventfree Fireplaces