Breeo X-Series Smokeless Firepit WITH SEARPLATE (Stainless)

So, what does smokeless mean exactly? Simply, it means less smoke. Our fire pits are engineered to drastically reduce their smoke output – saving your eyes and the environment simultaneously.
Fires smoke because of 3 reasons: lack of heat, lack of oxygen, or the wrong fuel. The key to a smokeless system is creating more airflow and burning a hotter fire.
To do this, we incorporate our patented X Airflow™ system into the bottom of our fire pits for primary combustion. Meanwhile, double-walled convection pulls air up into the walls to reburn the smoke on it’s way out of the fire pit (aka secondary combustion). The result: a campfire experience that doesn’t require moving your chair every 5 minutes.

The X Series elevates your campfire experience by eliminating the frustration of traditional fires and creating a centerpiece to gather around. The perfect size for small backyards with the portability to take wherever you go. 


  • X Series with SearPlate – 19″  –  $549.00
  • X Series with SearPlate – 24″  –  $849.00
  • X Series with SearPlate – 30″  –  $1,649.00

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The shine of 304 Stainless Steel or the architectural vibe of Corten Steel? Truth is, you can’t go wrong. Both metals will last a lifetime. Used in commercial kitchen appliances and automotive wheels and rims, 304 Stainless Steel is designed for sleek performance. Corten Steel, on the other hand, is engineered to develop a weathered iron oxide surface coating (patina), protecting your fire pit from the elements the same way it does for bridges and building facades around the globe. Your Corten fire pit will arrive in a blue steel finish, and will develop the weathered patina over time. Whether you choose Stainless Steel or Corten, your smokeless fire pit is built to withstand the elements and the test of time right here in Lancaster, PA.


Whether you’re the master chef, the patio dweller or the backyard adventurer, the X Series Line has something for everyone. Up your cooking game by adding the SearPlate™ rim to your smokeless fire pit for those seared steaks, or upgrade to the Firemaster Package for the Outpost Grill, Kettle Hook, and Kettle. Prefer a fire pit with a masonry surround? The X Series Insert Ring allows you to slide your X Series fire pit right into the fixture you already have, and offers you the flexibility to pull it out and keep it portable. Create your custom smokeless fire pit today to accommodate your unique lifestyle.

X Series 30" Dimensions:
Inside Diameter of Bowl: 29.5 in.
Inside Diameter of Rim: 28 in.
Outside Diameter of Rim: 34.5 in.
Outside Diameter of Bowl + Legs: 33.62 in.
Rim Width: 3.25 in.
Inside Height: 11.38 in.
Total Height: 14.75 in.
Weight: 94 lbs.

X Series 24" Dimensions: 
Inside Diameter of Bowl: 23.5 in.
Inside Diameter of Rim: 17.5 in.
Outside Diameter of Rim: 27.5 in.
Outside Diameter of Bowl + Legs: 26.62 in.
Rim Width: 5 in.
Inside Height: 11.38 in.
Total Height: 14.75 in.
Weight: 74 lbs

X Series 19" Dimensions:
Inside Diameter of Bowl: 18.5 in.
Inside Diameter of Rim: 17.13 in.
Outside Diameter of Rim: 22.13 in.
Outside Diameter of Bowl + Legs: 21.61 in.
Rim Width: 2.5 in.
Inside Height: 11.38 in.
Total Height: 14.75 in.
Weight: 47 lbs


Additional information

Weight 120 lbs
Fire Pit Size

19", 24", 30"



Breeo has been building the best smokeless fire pits in the world, 100% made in the USA! Their fire pits are the perfect hybrid for your backyard campfire or your next over-the-fire cookout.


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