5 Out-of-the Box Ways to Grill Burgers this Summer

by | Jul 17, 2023 | Cooking Tips

Summer is the perfect time to fire up the grill and indulge in juicy, mouthwatering burgers. While the classic grilled beef patty is always a crowd-pleaser, why not take your burger game to the next level this season? With a few simple tweaks and creative additions, you can transform your burgers into culinary delights that will have your friends and family begging for more. In this article, we’ll explore five tantalizing ways to cook burgers on a grill that will elevate your summer cookouts to new heights of flavor and excitement. Still looking for the perfect grill? Visit Northfield Fireplace & Grill in-store or online to shop our wide selection!

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Gourmet Stuffed Burgers:
Impress your guests by creating gourmet stuffed burgers bursting with flavor. Start by forming two thin patties, then sandwich your favorite fillings between them. Ideas for stuffing include melted cheese, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, or even crispy bacon. Seal the edges well, so the delicious fillings stay inside. Grill the burgers to perfection, allowing the melted cheese and other ingredients to infuse the meat with a heavenly combination of flavors. Serve on a toasted bun with your preferred condiments, and watch as your guests delight in the tasty surprise hidden within each bite.

Smoky BBQ Bison Burgers:
For a leaner and slightly gamey alternative, try grilling bison burgers. These lean patties boast a rich flavor and a satisfying, meaty texture. To infuse them with a smoky BBQ taste, marinate the bison patties in your favorite barbecue sauce for at least an hour before grilling. As the patties cook, the barbecue sauce will caramelize, forming a delicious crust. Serve these mouthwatering burgers on toasted whole grain buns with crisp lettuce and tangy pickles to balance out the smoky sweetness.

Mediterranean Lamb Burgers:
Transport your taste buds to the Mediterranean with succulent lamb burgers infused with aromatic spices. Mix ground lamb with minced garlic, fresh mint leaves, cumin, coriander, and a hint of cinnamon for an explosion of flavor. Shape the mixture into patties and grill to your desired level of doneness. Serve these Mediterranean delights on warm pita bread with a dollop of tangy tzatziki sauce, fresh tomatoes, and a sprinkling of crumbled feta cheese. The combination of flavors and textures will transport you to a sunny Greek island with every bite.

Asian-Inspired Teriyaki Salmon Burgers:
If you’re looking to add a healthy twist to your burger repertoire, consider grilling up some teriyaki salmon burgers. Combine fresh salmon fillets with minced ginger, garlic, and a splash of soy sauce. Shape the mixture into patties and refrigerate for 30 minutes to firm up. Grill the salmon burgers over medium heat until they are cooked through and slightly charred on the outside. Serve on a toasted sesame seed bun with crisp lettuce, sliced cucumber, and a drizzle of teriyaki sauce. These burgers offer a delightful balance of savory and sweet flavors, making them a refreshing option for summer grilling.

Vegetarian Portobello Mushroom Burgers:
Grilling doesn’t have to be all about meat! For a delicious vegetarian option, consider marinating and grilling portobello mushrooms as the star of your burger. Clean and stem the mushrooms, then marinate them in a mixture of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, minced garlic, and herbs of your choice. Grill the mushrooms until they are tender and juicy. Assemble your burgers by placing the grilled mushrooms on a toasted bun, topped with fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, and a smear of creamy goat cheese. These hearty and flavorful vegetarian burgers are guaranteed to satisfy both vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

This summer, take your grilling skills to new heights with these five creative burger recipes and a new grill from Northfield Fireplace & Grill. From gourmet stuffed burgers to vegetarian delights, each option offers a unique twist that will impress your guests and elevate your summer cookouts. Whether you’re a meat lover, a health-conscious griller, or a vegetarian, there’s a mouthwatering burger waiting for you on the grill. So, fire it up, get creative with your ingredients, and enjoy the delicious flavors of summer one delicious burger at a time. Happy grilling!

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